Giacomo, our lovable mascot, working hard delivering pizza.

Hello, my name is Giacomo, and I am a Capuchin monkey. I love Puccini’s Pizzeria a whole bunch. In fact, I’m pretty bananas about it.

My favorite food of all time is Puccini’s Sicilian-style pizza.

I’m a New World monkey with Old World taste, at least when it comes to eating. My favorite food of all time is Puccini’s Sicilian-style pizza. My favorite topping is beech nuts. No, you won’t find them on the menu. It’s a monkey thing. I hammer them on top of hard rocks to crack them open. Thank goodness for opposable thumbs, right? Giacomo, the monkeyMy goal as a monkey is simple. Get more Puccini’s. Sometimes I sing for it. Sometimes I hop on my little scooter and bring your dinner to your door. Whatever it takes. Sometimes, you’ll even find me around town hosting Puccini pizza parties. If you want, you can get your picture taken with me. I like posting photos of me with my new friends on my Facebook page. Tag me!

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Anyways, it’s really nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my web page, and I hope to see you at Puccini’s real soon!